Why an Ecommerce Store Needs a Blog

There are many reasons why an ecommerce store needs a blog. However, some business owners believe that a blog will distract their customers from buying products. This is completely untrue, a good blog guides customers to purchase from your e-commerce store rather than from someone else’s store. Here are seven reasons why an e-commerce store needs a blog.

Blogging Gives a Distinctive Voice to a Business

Physical stores have a voice. If you as a customer, walked into a store and the assistants did not greet you, were too busy to answer your questions or help you, you would be unlikely to purchase anything or visit that store again, you might also talk about your experience to others and deter other potential customers from visiting that particular store. Having a blog helps you to connect with customers, giving them something to read and helping them to know about your business and products.

Blogging gives Your Store Additional Entry Points

If your web site only has product pages, it limits you and the success of your business, for one simple reason. The more you blog the more pages you will have on your web site. The more pages you have on your web site, the more entry points the customer has. Online businesses need to drive as many customers to their web sites as possible. The more customers looking at your web site the more sales you are likely to achieve.


Blogging Increases Search Engine Traffic

It is a fact that once businesses begin blogging, their web traffic increases. This is not because of any clever tricks but because search engines such as Google, recognize that your web site is fresh, regularly updated and real. Also the more content that you have on your site, the more key words and phrases search engines can pick up on.

Blogging Increases Sharing

When you blog, you have something to share with others and for them to share too. There is a huge power in this. Blogging means that you have different stories to share on social networking sites too. Plain product pages can never be as interesting as the different stories that you can share on a blog.

Blogging is Like a Market Stallholder Inviting Customers To View and Purchase Products

You can blog about anything, you do not have to blog about a product each time. You can feature testimonials, success stories, trends, frequently asked questions, special offers anything you please that connects you with your customer. Each time you post a new blog, you are creating an opportunity for another sale.

Good Blogs Make other Bloggers Want to Link to Them

This is self-explanatory, the blogosphere is a community, in the same way as a physical community and with similar relationships. Blogs support other blogs and more importantly link to them.

Blogging Gives More Ways to invite Customers and Potential Customers into Your Store

Your e mail list is invaluable. Fill it with past and potential customers get them to sign up for your list by offering incentives, competitions or sweepstakes on your blog and you will successfully build that list. Information and e mail addresses are another way to build sales.

A good blog will help to drive traffic to your web site, increase your sales and help your e-commerce store to grow. A blog is like a well-dressed store window it invites the customer in by showing your goods, a good blog is like a well trained shop assistant making him welcome and comfortable, answering his questions and letting him know what your store is all about. A successful e-commerce store needs a good blog .





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