What’s New

What’s New with ZeusCart 4.0?

Zeuscart version 4.0, the latest version of our exuberance online shopping cart software, which is mainly focuses on two things: making the store catalog easier and swift for customers to use. Now, it includes the all existing features of our previous version and also includes the advanced features found on large & costlier e-commerce applications can be turned on, in your Zeus Cart. It is the most powered E-storefront, dramatically improves your visitors online shopping experience.

  • New Admin Template

    New Admin Template

    ZeusCart’s Control Panel, the administration area that ZeusCart users have at their disposal to fully manage their stores.

    Now it’s gotten to a level that is unmatched by any other small business ecommerce system available on the market. AJAX-enhanced search features allow you to quickly find products or customers. Dozens of time saving tools have been added to reduce repeat tasks and give you even more flexibility in managing your storefront.

  • AJAX based Admin UI

    Take advantage of built-in, AJAX-based features that are easy to enable. This technology helps a website stand out from the crowd. Examples include Order List, View Customers, View Products, Product Reviews and Category view. Wherever the Search includes in Admin Panel, AJAX based UI also enabled to get searching products easy.

    AJAX based Admin UI
  • New Admin Template

    Product Variation

    ZeusCart products are highly configurable with each product having the ability to be sold in multiple varieties that customers can select from (for example, color, size, style, capacity) special features of products. Admin will post the products with its specialized variation in product and which helps user to buy the product based on the variety of features available for single product.

  • Digital Product Download

    With ZeusCart shopping cart software you can sell digital products of any nature - music, software, images, e-books etc. Files with content need to be uploaded to the ZeusCart installation server and associated with respective catalog items. User receives a download link right after order placement. This link becomes active once the store administrator or payment module changes an order status to “Paid”.

    AJAX based Admin UI
  • New Admin Template

    Customer Group Management

    Admin has been provided the facility to group the customers. According to the group, Admin can offer them discounts on products on category basis to retain the customers. This makes Admin to increase and retain the customers to your storefront.

  • Shipping methods

    We offer various shipping methods in admin panel . The selected shipping methods has been displayed on store front end and shipping charges are based on shipping method and variables such as weight,quantity. Rates will be shown at check out process in storefront end.

    AJAX based Admin UI
  • New Admin Template

    Admin Settings

    We have introduced a new module in Admin Panel for the convenience of Admin. Hereafter, Admin can change his Username and Password to his own using Admin Settings module. You can change the mail id of your own with the help of this settings.