• Developed in MVC pattern (using AJDF Standard)

    Developed in MVC pattern (using AJDF Standard)

    AJ DF is the open source PHP development frame work. AJS-DF aims at making the web application development process simple. If follows the real time web application methodology.

  • Simple to Use – Easy to Customize – Super Easy to Administer

    Zeuscart is a complete feature rich ecommerce software and is great for beginners and experts alike. It’s easy to create and manage a professional looking webstore all on your own. No IT Skills required. We used open source technology (PHP and MYSQL) . The software is released under the GPL license. ourecommerce software is feature loaded, very easy to install, simple to customize, and a breeze to use! All the HTML and CSS is entirely accessible so that web professionals can skin every last detail, if desired. We even offer customizations to assist you for your requirements.

    Simple to Use – Easy to Customize – Super Easy to Administer
  • Responsive Design – Powered by Twitter Bootstrap

    Responsive Design – Powered by Twitter Bootstrap

    Zeuscart is a responsive admin dashboard template powered with Twitter Bootstrap Framework for admin and backend applications. It has a clean design which makes your website look awesome and yet user friendly. It comes with a huge collection of UI components and it works in all major web browsers, tablets and phones.

  • Complete Cart System – Support Physical / Digital Products

    a) Multiple Category & Subcategory

    ZeusCart allows you to add unlimited number of categor
    ies and sub categories to list the products for users. It helps you to list many number of products in site. This attracts user to view your site better than the other sites and it gives the clear picture on products available in site.

    b) Allows Physical / Digital Products

    Zeuscart includes full support for selling Physical products with shipping management and any type of downloadable file, such as software, music or movies. After your customer purchases a digital good, they get access to their Download Center, which lists all the products they have access to download.

    Complete Cart Software – Support Physical / Digital Products
  • Attribute Driven Category

    Attribute Driven Category

    It is a changeable, re-constructable, or maintainable function for attributes like you can Sell anything shoes, watches, jewels, sports items, mobiles by adding attributes. Then you have special feature form builder using which you can allow sellers to post the items in its specialization like posting items with its special attributes or features. Seller can himself add the new fields to mention the features of items. Admin can add the field names, field type, mandatory field, allowing characters, numbers, email id and special characters. Admin has the privilege to delete the fields whenever necessary.

  • Marketing Friendly

    a) Bundles

    Bundling arrangements usually feature a special pricing arrangements which make it cheaper to buy the products and services as a bundle than separately. Bundling is also often a way for creating a larger market for relatively low value products by selling them cheap (or giving them away free) with a higher value product.

    b) Discounts

    In the case of a convertible security, the difference between the gross proceeds received on sale and the convertible’s price. This difference occurs whenever the market expects that the convertible security will be redeemed before the next coupon date, and so investors will receive accrued interest.

    c) Volume Discount

    The discount given to a customer who buys a large quantity of goods . An incentive offered to a buyer that results in a decreased cost per unit of goods or materials when purchased in greater numbers. A quantity discount is often offered by sellers to entice buyers to purchase in larger quantities. The seller is able to move more goods or materials, and the buyer receives a more favorable price for the goods.

    d) Gift Card

    Gift cards are necessary in direct-mail marketing because the gift is usually delivered directly to the recipient through the mail rather than being personally presented by the donor. Gift cards are computer printed with the donor’s name on the card and the recipient’s name and address and emailed to recipient’s.A card entitling the recipient to receive goods or services of a specified value from the issuer.

    e) Coupons

    A voucher entitling the holder to a discount off a particular product. A detachable portion of a bond that is given up in return for a payment of interest.

    Customer Group based discounts at Store Front
  • Quick Link menu at Admin Area

    SEO Friendly

    Site owners started to recognize the value of having their sites highly ranked and visible in search engine results.

    In build SEO tools

    Keyword tools is a quick and easy way to find popular keywords to use on a given page. This tool allows you to find words or phrases that are related to the keyword(s) you enter.

    Meta Tags tool is a simple way to build and generate titles and meta tags for a given page. This SEO tool is designed to help create quality tags, that follow search guidelines.

    Statistics tool scans outside sources for a number of important stats related to a given domain, page or blog. This tool instantly scans the URL you enter and returns statistical data to help boost website exposure.

    Google Friendly

    SEO friendly website is called ‘search engine optimized’ here we focused in design criteria and the website is easy to parse for the GoogleBot and similar crawlers which are indexing the site.

  • Best-in-Class Presentation

    a) Homepage Slideshow

    This slideshow module is based on the popular Slider which allows you to create your own slideshow on the main page. It uses jQuery and is completely controlled from the admin section, you have the ability to add multiple images for one banner position so each time a random image is loaded.

    b) Featured Products

    Featured Products” on Homepage and Category Pages engage your visitors with great product images, and descriptions.

    c) New Arrivals

    Our php shopping cart will display the new arrivals in home page to engage the visitors to know about the recently released or updated products.

    Best-in-Class Presentation
  • Enhanced Browse & Search

    Enhanced Browse & Search

    a) Mega Menu

    In order to show our customers more choices in their search results we use menu search, which helps search type of drop-down

    b) Browse By category

    Products are categorized in our search results based on categories and its subcategory, While we can’t guarantee that a product will show in a particular category, you can increase the chances that your products will be included in relevant sub categories.

    c) Search By Keyword & Category

    To categorize effectively, look for patterns in the way that people search. Are they looking for a specific type of something keyword search will be very helpful.

  • Informative Product Detail Page

    a) Multiple Images for Product

    Site members can add multiple photos and admin can set the image limit from the admin panel.

    b) Image Zoom Option

    When member click on zoom option. When the member click in that option he will get the full view of the exact image.

    c) Show In Stock / Out of Stock

    In stock/ Out stock shows the availability of the product. If you enter any quantity into this field say 10, each time this item is purchased your store will automatically subtract one from the Stock Status value.

    d) Select size

    Admin can set the default size of the Featured Image, Image and thumbnail.

    e) Select Color

    While listing the product. The lister can select the color theme of the listing.

    f) Select Attributes

    That the admin can select the attribute for listing a product say if Bike he can select the power, Millage, Price…etc

    g) Product Details / Specification

    It provides a Field for the admin to list the details/Specification of the product. It helps the buyer to understand about the product.

    h) Product Reviews

    product reviews tend to be more effective when grouped together. This is generally why you, the consumer, often want to consult with multiple sources and individual perspectives in order to make an informed decision before you proceed to checkout. So, just to make things a little easier for you.

    i) Related Products

    The Automatic Related Products extension allows you to automate the process of related products creation. Define the rules for cross-sells or upsells selection and let this software populate the block automatically!

    Informative Product Detail Page
  • Simplified Check out system

    Simplified Check out system

    Simple Checkout provides the ability to create buy now buttons for your web site to accept online internet and e-commerce payments through the shopping cart’s order management system.

  • Tax & Currency Options

    Use the Tax Manager within Cart to configure how you collect tax payments on your storefront. We also have Multi currency pricing (unlimited currencies subject to your chosen payment options).

    Tax & Currency Options
  • Shipping Cost Calculations

    Shipping Cost Calculations

    You can specify shipping methods as customized, if you are shipping to buyers only within your home country. You can specify flat shipping rates, custom rates, or both. If this is satisfactory, you can specify one or more shipping rates.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    a) Online Payments

    Our script allows multiple online payment processing system to make the customer comfortable to do the business.

    b) Pay-in-store

    Pay-in-store option for the local customers who is nearer to the store can check the product online and
    can place the order will get delivered once he pay-in-store.

    c) Cash-on-delivery

    This is the most popular option and the way for the new vendors to get people trust the buyer’s can make the payment once he received the product.

    Multiple Payment Options
  • Order data export

    Supports All leading Payment gateways Readily

    a) Paypal

    PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

    b) Authorize.net
    The Authorize.net Gateway is integrated with more shopping carts and Payment Gateway account allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks from websites and Internet shopping sites.

    c) 2checkout

    Accepting payments online is simple with 2Checkout’s merchant account and payment gateway. 2Checkout’s new checkout solution is a simple payment form that gives customers the appearance they are still on your site while providing all the security of a hosted checkout.

    d) Worldpay

    Worldpay is a payment processing company. It provides payment services for mail order and Internet retailers, as well as point of sale transactions. WorldPay is leading the way for global online payment and fraud management.

    e) Paymate

    Paymate offers payment services for online payments, it also mobile commerce company that has built the largest mobile payments network

    f) Money bookers

    Money bookers is the cheaper way to send and receive money worldwide. Secure and convenient online payments and is one of the world’s largest online payments and Digital Wallet providers

  • Advanced Address Book

    Provision for users to have multiple address for both shipping & billing. The Multiple Ship-To feature allows your customers to ship products to multiple addresses within the same order. This streamlined process is a great advantage for customers that are purchasing products from your website

    Advanced Address Book
  • Category data export

    Shop By Brand

    This option helps to sort the product by brand it maks easier for your customers to browse and shop by specific brands. Instead of brands names you can use any category relevant to your store.

  • Wish List

    The customer can add his interested product in wish-list. so that will be easy to place the order when he is ready for the payment.

    Wish List
  • Ad Banner Ready

    Ad Banner Ready

    Banner ads can be added from the admin panel and admin can set the price for the banner ads. It is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page

  • Social Icons, Newsletter & Customizable Footer

    Customizable footer with social icons like facebook, Twitter. News letter option is to be in touch with our client that we can send the product update and lot more updates

    Social Icons, Newsletter & Customizable Footer