Support We are firmly convinced that it is support, which makes any product or service professional and complete. That’s why our top priority is qualified technical support.

We owe our customer’s business success to timely and helpful assistance. Although the software is developed to reduce the need for post-installation support, we strongly believe it makes you feel safe and secure with your product.

Free Support

Although this service is included at no extra cost and we do not guarantee the availability of support, it has generally been our policy to include 30 days of free e-mail technical support from the date of purchase.

Technical support can include simply answering questions, or if necessary logging in to your server to investigate and repair simple problems.

From our experience, 30 days is more than enough to install and configure the software on your server and ask for some general help questions regarding its functionality. When your free technical support period is over, it can be renewed as a paid service.