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Fraud prevention integration

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  1. 6 months ago


    Feb 2014

    We have a special offer to Zeuscart community. If you have integrated FraudLabs Pro API into your projects, please show us your fabulous works by email us at sales@fraudlabspro.com. You are entitled to a free upgrade to Small Plan for a year (worth $1999.40) . Limited time offers for the first 50 users. Terms and conditions applied. Please mention #ZeuscartFREE# in email.

  2. PM_Zeuscart

    Feb 2014

    Thanks windymi
    Hi, Fraud Prevention Integration looks like a Cool Feature and we are happy to develop a Plugin for the same. I'll ask the development team to add this plugin /feature development in Roadmap

  3. windymi

    Feb 2014

    That's great! We hope the new plugin can be ready soon. Please do not hesitate to email us at support@fraudlabspro.com if you encounter any issue during the integration. Our technical team is ready to help!

  4. Marco_Ferreira

    Mar 2014

    Looks a great feature.

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