Zeuscart v4

Open Source -GPL License PHP -MYSQL based shopping cart software


Zeus Cart 4.0 is a software package that allows you to open an online store on the Internet. Compared to other similar software, ZeusCart 4.0 offers a unique advantage of very simple integration of the online store into your existing site. For many similar systems, integration of an online store is a big problem that requires a lot of time and effort. We eliminated this labor-intensive task by using special tags. As a result we can offer our customers a very convenient tool for the quick launch of an online business.


ZeusCart 4.0 is primarily targeted at companies planning to carry out their business on the Internet. Moreover, it is equally suitable both for companies selling clothes, cosmetics, footwear, furniture, jewelry, etc. and for companies offering digital products (coming soon), such as software, music, games, e-books and e-documents.


This manual provides the information you need to build an Internet store using ZeusCart 4.0 store-building features.


Zeuscartv4 can encourages the folks to look at the code and modify it.Zeuscart has been developed in AJDF frame work, based on PHP-Mysql.

If you want to change the existing functionalities one who needs the basic knowleage of PHP.Ok,Lets we start how to create the new function and how to handle the errors.This is ancillary for our customers.


The downloaded source from github contains the MVC pattren folder structure. The important folder which you write the function is classes folder,it contains Core,Model,Display,Lib. In any one wants to add new function the following steps are required,

1.First create the do name in WEB-CONFIG folder write do name,file name in Model,function name.
2.Then write the function in newly created Model file.
3.The mysql query function write related file in Core .
4.Create the template inside the templates folder.
5.After the new function created the related pages.


This section describes how to handle the error in AJDF frame work when you will receive the error or blank page in website.The following steps are used to rectify the errors.

1.Open the index.php file which is placed in the root folder and write the error_reporting(E_ALL); ,
2.After save the file and run it display the notice, warning ,syntax errors.
3.Then solve the syntax error ,you need not consider the notice,warning error.
4.As soon as you solve the error ,then you remove or hide the "error_reporting(E_ALL)" line and save it.

If you need details of the exising function then click the following detailed documents, Admin side, User side


This module help you to alter Commerce currency definitions. The default currency of the website has been defined when you install the source. If you want to add some more currencies in your website, the following steps are needed.Admin can set multiple currencies in ZeusCart 4.0. While viewing a product price, users can view it any currencies in which he needed. When user just clicks on the currency which is in the top of the header, the product price will be displayed based on that particular country. Admin can add any number currency values and has the privilege to update/delete the currency values, whenever needed.

1.First open the admin panel then move to Currency Settings list out option which is under the Settings in header menu. The list of currencies that are added currently will be displayed with the information like Currency Name, Currency Code, Applied To and the Status. By default, the primary currency created while installation will displayed which can be updated but can not be deleted.

2.Next click the add option which is in top then enter the field currency name, currency token, select the country, select the currency code, choose the status of currency.

3.If you want to update the currency settings then move to the currency list out page and click corresponding edit option. And change the relative field.Finally Click the update button will display "Updated Successfully" message.

4. Click delete button will display "Are you sure to delete the Currency?" message.
  • Click OK will display "Deleted Successfully" message.
  • Click Cancel to exit from deletion.


Translating zeuscart in your language is very agile. All the languages files of zeuscart are managed in Language folder which is in the root folder, an effective localisation platform.

This guide should help you get zeuscart to work in your language with a few easy steps.


Zeuscart template integration is very elite process.Basically you to change the all the template files based on the template which you to integrate.The zeuscart templates have been panoromic for our customers.

Thank you for joining with us.